Burnham is building a world-class network of partners and advisors to support our growth


Lynde Coit

Former SVP, General Counsel and Board Member of Covanta Energy Corporation, the world’s leading developer and operator of solid waste to energy facilities


Ralph Epling

Founder of Sustainable Energy Ventures; former Director of Gas Marketing for BP; marketing renewable natural gas since 2012


Eric (“Ric”) Redman

Senior Policy Advisor for Energy & Climate at Cascadia Law Group and co-founder of Sustainable Energy Ventures; Ric is the former CEO of Summit Power Group, a diversified power development company and former Chair of Energy Practice Group at Heller Ehrman


Josh Green

CEO of Inspiration Mobility Group; former board member of Generate Capital

David Golden.jpg

David Golden

Co-Founder Bowery & Standard Bots

Jon Samuels.png

Jon Samuels

Founder, Lumen ESG; Former CEO, Triangle Petroleum